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해릭플라즈마 FLO



The PlasmaFlo is an optional accessory that may be used in conjunction with any of the plasma cleaner models and is beneficial for gas mixing, more precise quantitative control of the gas flowrate and monitoring of vacuum pressure.




PDC-FMG (115V); PDC-FMG-2 (230V)
Dual gas feeds for gas mixing or independent control of two process gases
Dual process gas flowmeters
49 mL/min maximum flowrate for atmospheric air (0 psig) *
± 2% full scale accuracy
Thermocouple vacuum gauge and digital meter (1 to 1999 mTorr pressure range)
Weight: 7 lbs
Size: 8.5" H x 10" W x 8" D

* Maximum flowrate varies with process gas and regulated pressure. Correlated flowrate tables are available for the most common process gases (Air, Ar, N2, O2) used with our Plasma Cleaners and metered at 10 psig. Flowrate tables for other process gases and regulated pressures can be made available. Please inquire with Harrick Plasma.

플라즈마플로우(PLASMA FLO)

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